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Quiz Workshops

With inquisitiveness comes the willingness to ask! ‘Making of Quizzers’, our flagship program for campuses, aim to bring out that quizzer in every student. This helps them to become more confident in their general knowledge aspect which is seen as a tough nut to crack in any competitive examination including the Indian Civil Services, various competitive and scholarship examinations, and Talent Search examinations. Making of Quizzers is followed by the basic level Quiz Workshop titled ‘Break the Shell’ and advanced level workshop titled ‘Quiz Chemistry’.

Faculty-level Engagement

If you are looking to update your teaching skills with modern methods, look no further than quizzing! Q Factory has customised training for the teaching community to use the technique of quizzing as a great pedagogical-tool.

Companies And Brands

Employee Engagement

In this fast growing competitive economic scenario where new offerings are launched every day into the market, it is required that every employee possesses a set of multidimensional skills to withstand the winds of change. If you are looking for something innovative to address this challenging situation, Q Factory has in store for you ‘Q–Positive’, an innovative employee engagement program. The objective is to motivate your employees to periodically update their knowledge and upgrade their skills, contributing to improved sales and marketing performances.Q–Positive focuses on the following aspects.

  • Know Your Company: The program tests how far the employees know their company, products and brands, and motivates them to bridge the gap in their knowledge.
  • Know Your Industry: It tests how far the employees know the regional, national, and international happenings and changes in their industry.
  • Know Your Competitors: The program tests how far the employees know the competitors, their brands and their strategies.
  • Know Your SWOT: It tests and enhances the analytical skills, observation, logical reasoning and lateral thinking of the employees, and effectively leverages the improved skills in sales performance.
  • Know Your Employees: It helps the HR department to recruit the ideal candidates, and to recognize and reward your knowledgeable employees. We can help you build a powerful Employer Brand!

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Short/long Term Training

Short/Long term Training for members as well as for other target groups done as part of various days and occasions

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In-house training on soft skills for the employees

Training for various clients and and target groups as part of different projects and programs

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