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Educational Institutions

Quiz Events

Q Factory has the expertise to design, plan, promote and conduct inter-school quiz competitions as a part of promotional activities, observance of various days. Now, you can create great learning experiences in your campuses through our general quizzes at state-level and/or national- level as part of annual events of the college/school.

Management Of Quiz Clubs

Launch and coordinate quiz clubs in schools and colleges to improve the academic quality and general awareness of your students. Q Factory gives you year-round sessions to develop a quizzing culture in your campus. Knowledge travels faster when shared!

Companies And Brands

Customer Engagement

Q Factory provides you the expertise to run fantastic state- level/ national-level quiz projects as part of promotion of brands and corporate social responsibility programs. On-ground live events or digital contests, leave the event part to us. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy great knowledge-based events for building awareness and recognition for your brands!

PSU'S NGO'S & Other Organizations

Building Awareness

On-ground or digital, now your organisation can build awareness on different topics through our themed quizzes. Target students, general public or employees for your events. We can join you to spread awareness on various topics of your interest in the most interesting way of asking questions. Yes, let’s together make this planet a better place!

Visual, Print, Online And Digital Media

Content Creation

Q Factory helps you create great media experiences by our expertise in creating content for quiz-based reality shows and digital platforms including mobile apps. Have interesting and nail biting content for your shows and see your TRPs soar high!

Quiz Columns

Our newspaper and magazine quiz columns have been regularly followed for its potpourri mix of interesting questions and trivia. Movies, sports, politics, geography, you name it! We have your theme ready as interesting and thought-provoking question columns.

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