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Q Factory is a premier knowledge-services firm with its focus on client engagement through quizzing. We are from the house of Quiz Kerala, which has been delivering unmatched services for its clients for the past two decades in India. With an expert panel of quizmasters and trainers, Q Factory is ‘applying knowledge’, through events and training through quizzing, in India and abroad.

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we are the Only Registered entity functioning
full time in Kerala in this segment.

The impact of Quizzing has reached enormous proportions. Corporates are making the most of this thrilling infotainment game by using it as a tool to promote their brands. It has become a marketing vehicle which rewards the knowledgeable, simultaneously adding reputation to the supporting brands. Apart from organizing & conducting quiz shows for Corporates, Educational Institutions and Government Organizations, we are also into

Organizing quizzing workshops/training for schools & colleges.

Contributing to quiz books.

Contributing regular quiz columns in newspapers and other print media.

Content creation for media houses.

Apart from the regular quiz shows, we also organize the biggest Quizzing Festival in the World titled Reverberate, one of the much sought after quizzing festival in the country in the quizzing calendar, with quizzes under multitude of topics like Science & Technology, Sports, Movies, Travel, Literature, Mythology, Business etc… And also quizzes for students, Ladies, Couple etc.

Our Crew

Our crew is a stellar group of over 60 passionate members who are IAS officers, doctors scientists etc who are a part of our research team and also feature as our quiz masters.  We specialise in  the promotion of quizzing culture across the state.

Our Clients